Real Time

By: Mackenzie Carroll

On Thursday, we met up with Bryan Diperstein of ICM. Bryan is intelligent, confident, and encouraging. It was interesting to hear about his busy work schedule as an agent and the process of selling a script to a studio. This trip has given me a behind-the-scenes look at the business and corporate side of filmmaking. Through Bryan’s insight into agenting and selling scripts, and countless meetings about marketing and publicity, I’ve gained valuable insight into a side of this field I had not been familiar with.

Next we visited alum Paul Casey, director of Real Time with Bill Maher at CBS Studios. We were fortunate to get into the control room, meet the staff, and watch rehearsal. I loved seeing a professional director after years of directing our own productions at Hofstra. It was fascinating to see the skills we work so hard on in action by professionals in the field. As an aspiring comedy writer, I really loved the chance to see and hear the unedited jokes firsthand. We then got to watch a real rehearsal with Bill Maher, in preparation for the live show the following evening.

Inside the control room

We ended the day by getting all dressed up for the DGA reception. We met with alumni, admitted students, and professionals we’d met throughout the week. I had the opportunity to network with many of the impressive people we had met, including Kieran Valle, who Leah and I loved meeting earlier in the week. The reception was the perfect opportunity to revisit all of the professionals in a social setting. I also saw Professor Mazzocco, who introduced me to newly admitted students to share advice.

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