Comedians in Cars Getting Canceled

By: Leah Lane

Outside Disney Animation Studios.

Today was the “official” final day of our trip. I say “official” because our flight has been canceled due to the impending storm. Tomorrow might be another unofficial day. 

Today we were able to meet with ABC and the people behind the marketing of some of our favorite shows. We learned about each of the various positions within each department. I especially loved learning about the strategic partnerships department. This is the department that goes out into the world and creates interactive marketing, like a wall of roses for The Bachelor. At my last internship with Improv Everywhere, we did a lot of these kinds of branded content.  One project I helped work on was a partnership with the movie Game Night. We took over a trivia night in a bar and set up a huge game show and surprised all the participants. 

Improv Everywhere—Epic Bar Trivia Surprise.
The Jacket I bought at Disney Studios.

After ABC we got lunch at the Disney Studio lot and had some time to go to the gift shop. I love Disney so this was very exciting for me. I also probably spent more than I should have on Disney merchandise while I was there.

After lunch at Disney, we were given some free time at The Grove. Now this was truly one of the highlights of my trip. I am not ashamed to say that I love stickers and I knew that there was a store called Sticker Planet at The Grove that I had been planning to go to since the start of the trip. Honestly, the store was pretty great and I came away with a lot of stickers I really love.

After our time at The Grove, we headed over to CBS studios for the very last portion of our trip. We were seeing the taping of Real Time with Bill Maher. It was really fascinating to see how the jokes evolved from the night before. I thought the show ran a lot more smoothly when compared to the rehearsal. Additionally, the special guest and the panel added a lot of depth to the show. I came away from the taping much more excited than I had expected I would.

At the end of the night we did get a scare when we heard our plane for the next day had been cancelled. However, Adria Marlowe, the associate dean and coordinator of Hofstra in L.A., did an incredible job and found us an even earlier flight for the same day! While I enjoyed my time in L.A., I was definitely ready to come home to my family and relax for a little bit. However, I am missing that Los Angeles sun.

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