Hofstra in LA meeting

The Hofstra in LA program is a class followed by a trip to Los Angeles, California designed to connect Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication students with Hofstra alumni and other entertainment industry leaders in fields such as television, film, radio, public relations and journalism.

Students first meet in a classroom settings at Hofstra’s Hempstead, New York campus to discuss various aspects of the entertainment industry, such as ownership of production studios and television networks, program syndication, how content is promoted to target audiences, how talent agents play a vital role in the industry and more. The students also revamp their LinkedIn profiles and learn about and practice professional etiquette skills.

Then, the conversation continues in Los Angeles where students will meet with industry professionals to learn about the different opportunities in the entertainment industry and utilize their professional skills to put their best professional selves forward. Past meetings have been held with industry leaders such as Mark Bracco (Hofstra class of ’92), who serves as executive vice president of programming and development of Dick Clark Productions, and Jo Sharon (Hofstra Class of ’98), who runs development for Magical Elves, the production company behind shows such as Top Chef and Project Runway.

This site serves as a place where the students involved share their experiences in the program. Learn more about the program here.