That’s a Wrap!

Paul Casey, director of Real Time with Bill Maher, showing us the control room.

By: Sophie Kabel

Our last day in L.A. was just as amazing as the first. We were able to meet with Jill Gershman who is the SVP of marketing creative at ABC Entertainment. Jill and her team showed us a great presentation on how they market shows like The Bachelor.

We then went to the live taping of the show Real Time with Bill Maher. This was my first time in the audience of a live television show. We were able to see the changes made in the script from what we saw from the rehearsal on Thursday. The director was also kind enough to have a Q&A with us after the show.

Hofstra in L.A. has been a wonderful experience. Having this opportunity to see the industry from another perspective was so insightful and has definitely given me the confidence to someday try my luck in L.A. I have some time to decide what exactly I would like to do, but being able to go on the trip as a junior has shown me all the options and opportunities that are available to me. I have learned so much from the alumni and I can’t wait to apply their advice to my career. I’m leaving L.A. more motivated than ever!

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