Hofstra in N.Y., for Now…

By: Sam Thor

Our last day in L.A. was probably one of the most eventful. We started at ABC, where they gave us a rundown of their shows (through a very exciting sizzle reel) and showed us how the advertisements for shows like The Bachelor are created. It’s always exciting to see the ways technology advances. ABC was able to show us that some screen can watch the customers walking by, and alter the ads being sent. It sounds kind of creepy, but also shows us how much technology can actually do.

We stopped at The Grove, an L.A. hotspot for tourists and celebrities, and it was absolutely beautiful. The fountains, the stores, and the sun, which was finally out, gave us the perfect L.A. tourist experience. It was hard not to buy everything there.

Our last stop that day was for the taping of Real Time with Bill Maher. Even though I thoroughly disagree with a lot of the uninformed statements the show was making, it was incredible to watch a live show be put together. The day before, we saw the rehearsal from the control room and from the audience seating, and being able to see how the show was updated just in one day was incredible. The jokes were tighter. The production was grander. It was exciting watching all these things come together to make a good show. So, I congratulate the crew on a great first episode back!

At the end of the day our worst fears came true, and our plane was cancelled. It was a bit of a panic as many of us weren’t sure how or when we’d get home. However, Associate Dean Adria Marlowe really came through for us, getting a flight on Delta for all of us, getting us home almost exactly when we originally expected. So I just wanted to say thanks to Adria. You really helped us all out! We appreciate you taking so much time to make sure our trip went smoothly!

And with that, Hofstra in L.A. 2019 came to an end. I think it answered a lot of questions for me, about what I’m going to do after graduation, and also created a bunch more for me to figure out through this semester. To anyone looking at these posts and thinking of applying, please do! I can’t stress enough how much we enjoyed this trip. I’m so glad we got this opportunity.

And Los Angeles, we love you! See you soon, maybe?

Song of the Day: Way Up – Jamila Woods

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