Everyone is Watching

By: Mackenzie Carroll

We kicked off our final day with a meeting at ABC Studios to speak with the SVP Entertainment Marketing Creative Jill Gershman and her marketing team. Together they walked us through their advertising campaign for the latest season of The Bachelor. Although it was very interesting, it was also a little scary to learn about advancements in marketing technology. They told us about newly designed signs which can tell if you are a woman, or have shopping bags, so they can better target you when you walk by and present to you an ad which supposedly will most intrigue you. This raised interesting questions about privacy and targeted advertisements in the modern world.

We wandered around the famous L.A. tourist destination The Grove next. It was a beautiful day for window shopping at all of the expensive clothing stores. Leah and I drank strong coffee that gave us all the energy and anxiety needed to head off to the taping of Real Time with Bill Maher.

Time for lunch at ABC.

I found it to be a very valuable learning experience to have witnessed the rehearsal the day before, and then the edits and final version of the show that night. I got to see how the jokes and bits were left out, edited, or completely rewritten. The live show was far funnier than the rehearsal, and I was impressed to learn from Paul Casey about the extensive rewriting process before the live show. I feel grateful for the opportunity to learn from the process and be in the audience for the live production.

I will remember this trip for the rest of life. I loved having the opportunity to travel and learn from the best in the business alongside my peers who made the entire experience entertaining and fun. I’m writing this back on Long Island where it’s freezing outside. I find myself dreaming about Los Angeles and the future life I can now clearly imagine creating there. Thank you to Adria, Professor Morosoff, Dr. Gershon, and the School of Communication for an incredible learning experience.

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