Cut. Print. Back to NY.

The view of L.A. as we departed

By: Ben Gregory

Just like that we’re back in freezing cold New York.  I’m going to miss L.A. and cherish everything this trip did for me and my plans for post-graduation life.  While I may not immediately take the leap to L.A., I hope to make my way westward somewhere within the next couple of years.

All of that aside, our final day in Los Angeles was calm and simple, providing for a nice finale that did not clash with the group’s waning energy. Starting the day with a meeting with ABC’s marketing staff, we were greeted to a very concise presentation of the broadcasting company’s efforts and strategy to market the most recent season of The Bachelor, a demonstration that delved into everything from motion-sensor promo screens in malls to the placement of promos within social media. I found this whole presentation very informative and enjoyed the brief Q&A we got to share with the group afterward.

Spending the rest of the day exploring areas like the Disney lot and The Grove, our final day continued being pretty laid back for a few hours, until we returned to the CBS Television City lot for a taping of Real Time with Bill Maher. With our lack of energy creeping up on us, a few of us were pretty tired upon our arrival to the show, but once the show began, we hit into a second wind and ramped up our energy. Considering our attendance to the show’s rehearsal the previous day, it was really nice to see how they grew and cut some of the jokes that needed work, making for a much tighter show than we were originally presented. I really liked the aftermath of the show, however. With my studio experience, I always dreaded the end of the night where the crew has to strike the set of any given production, but the strike of Real Time with Bill Maher was fascinating to witness. As they literally pulled back the curtain to reveal The Price is Right set, I couldn’t help but watch how each and every little detail of the Real Time set was connected to each other and how they stored every little bit.

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