Back to East Coast Cuisine

By: Kristen Kruspki

It is the last full day in L.A. and you know what that means: the last food blog! Friday we were lucky enough to have lunch on the Walt Disney Studios lot following a meeting with alum Jill Gershman, SVP of marketing creative.

At the Walt Disney Studio lot, in front of the Roy E. Disney Animation Building

We headed over to the Burbank Cafe and it was the cafeteria of my dreams. In the center of the cafeteria was a huge salad bar that wrapped around the whole center of the room. If you didn’t want salad, they also had a global and taqueria cuisine station, along with pasta and a whole deli.

I went over to the taqueria station and got a chicken burrito bowl. In the bowl was chicken, seasoned rice, lettuce, grilled vegetables, cheese and sour cream. In my opinion they went light on the sour cream after asking for extra. I believe sour cream is the glue of a burrito bowl; it is the glue that holds the burrito fixings together.

A chicken burrito bowl with the chips on top.

On the side of the station there was a small little chips and salsa station, with a few extra toppings like sautéed onions and jalapeños. If you read my last post, you know I love onions so I grabbed a hearty amount of sautéed onions. I wish there was a small plate to get a side of chips instead of just piling a few chips on my full plate. They also had three different salsas: salsa fresca, salsa verde, and a spicy salsa. Since I can’t take the heat, I went with salsa verde. The salsa verde had a slight kick to it which I wasn’t expecting. I was hoping for it to be a bit on the fresh side.

Since Disney likes to cover all of its bases, they had a huge beverage station as well. Aside from the basic hot beverages, bottled beverages, and sodas, they had a few fresh beverages. There was citrus infused water and apple infused water, along with citrus agua fresca and blackberry agua fresca. I chose the blackberry agua fresca and it was okay. I expected it to be slightly sweeter than it was. I wasn’t completely blown away by the drink, but I was happy with the options.

Blackberry agua fresca

Overall, the burrito bowl was good for a cafeteria taqueria station. The grilled vegetables were made of zucchini, squash, and cauliflower—all very delicious but seemed out of place for a burrito bowl. It was also hard to mix everything together since the bowl was very small. If I was able to mix everything together and not have the chips on the dish, it would have been a more enjoyable experience. Three out of five stars.

Peace out L.A.

With this trip being over, I can honestly say I miss more than just the food. Meeting with everyone over the course of the 10 days really opened my eyes to the large array of jobs in California compared to New York. One of the biggest things I realized during this trip is that if I really want to make it in the entertainment business, L.A. is the place to be. I am so thankful for this trip for showing me that New York isn’t always the best place to be.

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