You Can Have It All

Real Time With Bill Maher rehearsal.

By: Antreise Lacey

Today was all about our alumni, the future of cinema and the future of Hofstra. In between meetings today I spent some quality time on my phone because I was taking over the Lawrence Herbert School of Communications Instagram and it was a wild ride. Many posts later, my takeover is done, and now here I am, reflecting on the day with this blog.

We hit a powerhouse first thing in the morning, as we headed over to ICM Partners to meet with Bryan Diperstein. This meeting gave valuable insight on how negotiations happen between networks, how agents make their money, and how talent with multiple areas of expertise are represented. Before this trip, if you had asked me about ICM I would’ve said they were a talent agency, but now I know they have a huge say in what movies are brought to life, branded content, book deals, etc. This whole trip we’ve heard agencies are the way to go and Diperstein said it best: “Agencies are the nucleus of the entertainment industry.” After meeting with ICM, we met with Paul Casey over at CBS Television City. We sat in on a rehearsal of Real Time with Bill Maher and got to see how things were run on the technical side, and then we sat in the audience and saw it in action when Bill Maher came to rehearse.

The DGA reception was unbelievable. Having met with some of the alumni, and being able to interact with them and other alumni and some admitted students, conversations came naturally. On one hand you’re networking, laughing with another and just conversing without the big board room in the way, and on the other hand you are speaking about the school, providing advice and providing information to the next possible incoming class. All of it together reminds you why you chose Hofstra in the first place. There’s something unique about this group of people, and being able to talk to alumni like you’ve known them your whole life versus having only met them once goes a long way. Being fully comfortable in a room full of strangers speaks volumes on the types of people Hofstra attracts. I left the DGA sad knowing my last day in L.A. is tomorrow, but feeling in my element because it opened my eyes to a world I knew about, but a world I had to look at through a different lens.

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