Talent, Talk Shows & Tasty Treats

By: Izzy Falkovich

We started the day with a meeting at ICM Partners, which is one of the four large talent agencies in Los Angeles. We had the pleasure of meeting with Bryan Diperstein, a Hofstra alumnus, who currently works as a talent agency under the literary division. It was super inspiring to hear him having had nine internships throughout his time at Hofstra, and then continue to become the youngest hired agent in the company. The variety of high clients that the company has, including Ellen, Nicki Minaj, and Shonda Rhimes, made the experience with meeting the recruiters even more interesting—it’s definitely a field that I’m interested in exploring!

The office at ICM.

We then made our way to CBS Television City. I personally had no idea that CBS had separate locations to film for film/TV and live TV, and it was interesting to compare and contrast the two. We were lucky enough to meet and talk to Paul Casey, the director of Real Time with Bill Maher. We spent a lot of time in the control room, watching the production assistant stand in for Maher as they practiced putting the graphics on and off of the screen, which was super interesting to watch. Being behind the scenes before going to sit in the audience and see Bill Maher practice how the jokes affected the audience was a super cool way to compare and contrast between pre-production and the production itself.

The control room at Real Talk with Bill Maher

After a quick trip back to the Oakwood, we then made our way to the DGA Theater Complex, where we had our annual networking cocktail hour. The combination of Hofstra alumni and prospective students made me feel like my worlds were literally colliding—it truly was the best of both worlds! The food and the networking was amazing, and I left having met a ton of Hofstra alumni who all came to the West Coast to get involved with the entertainment world. I knew that there were a good amount of Hofstra grads on the West Coast, but I truly had no idea the number that was involved in the entertainment industry. The fact that there’s a little Hofstra family across the country gives me hope that L.A. may, in fact, be my future home someday!

Cassie Passantino and me at the DGA Reception!

Here’s to the last day of networking tomorrow!

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