People-Watching, People Talking

By: Ben Abrams

What a way to start the day: early.

Yeah, today was very tiring, but every day here has been full of surprises, and today was no different.

We first visited ICM Partners, where we met Hofstra alum Bryan Diperstein and some of his co-workers. They talked about the intricacies of serving as agents for many famous clients. Bryan alone has worked with several high-level celebrities and also helped facilitate business transactions between up-and-coming writers/producers and production companies. It was all fascinating. Plus, they gave us free food! Major bonus points.

After departing from ICM, we made our way back into the rainy weather and walked to lunch. After getting our stomachs properly filled, we then headed back to the bus and to our next destination: the set of Real Time with Bill Maher!

Bill Maher’s show is located on one of the CBS lots, and is filmed on the same stage as The Price Is Right. We got to CBS, went through a lengthy security check, and then were guided by Real Time‘s director, Paul Casey. It was such a great opportunity to see the set for ourselves and to go back stage into the control room. After seeing how the show works from the core, we sat in the audience for a special rehearsal of the show! That’s right, we got to see Bill Maher himself live, doing his monologue, mid-show bits, and his famous “New Rules.” We’ll get to see the full show tomorrow when we attend the actual live show!

After our time at Bill Maher, we headed back to Oakwood to get ready for our big, fancy night out: the DGA reception. Here, alumni, industry professionals, and prospective students all mingled with us and had a fun night of food and drinks. (Many silly pictures coming soon!)

What an awesome day and a great night. Dr. G’s speech in the bus also made it very sentimental.

As always, until tomorrow!

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