Hofstra in L.A.: Finger Food Edition

By: Kristen Krupski

I’m back with another food blog! Today’s focus was on the finger foods served at the Hofstra in L.A. reception held at the Director’s Guild of America. This reception was meant to bring together the Hofstra community in Los Angeles, celebrate the Hofstra in L.A. program and welcome some admitted students from the West Coast.

Once we stepped into the reception, there was a huge table of various finger foods waiting to be devoured. I read the menu, took a quick lap around the table and started sampling. The first thing I saw on the table were these various flatbreads. One was a butternut squash, mascarpone, and fig balsamic flatbread, while the other was a chicken sausage, smoked gouda, and caramelized onion flatbread. I loved the sausage and onion flatbread mainly due to the onions. You can add caramelized onions to anything and I will eat all of it. I also enjoyed the butternut squash and mascarpone flatbread, but the balsamic was a little to strong for my taste.

Butternut squash, mascarpone, and fig balsamic flatbread.
Chicken sausage, smoked gouda, and caramelized onion flatbread.

Next, were the vegetarian options: egg rolls and dumplings. They both had the same filling, just different dough. I enjoyed them and thought they were the easiest thing to eat while trying to mingle with fellow Hofstra alum.

Vegetable dumplings.
Vegetable eggrolls.

Once we got to the “main course” hors d’oeuvres, things got funky. There were three main appetizers. First there was panko crusted chicken bites, or a big ol’ fancy chicken nugget; it was pretty average for a chicken nugget. In the fish department, there were salmon and white fish kabobs. Who doesn’t love a good kabob?! Lastly, the crowd favorite was the brisket. I personally didn’t have any to spare the mess I would make of myself (I tend to spill all my food on myself), but my friend Leah had some and it was top notch.

Panko crusted chicken tastes or glorified chicken nuggets?
Salmon and white fish kabobs.
Look at that hunk of brisket.

What is a Hofstra event without dessert (especially cookies)? Well there was a nice set up of different cookies (including gluten free ones), coffee and tea, and two very special desserts that are close to my heart. The chocolate caramel panna cotta shooters were just overall adorable. They did indeed come in a shot glass, and were made of layers of panna cotta and chocolate with caramel drizzled all over. This dessert did bring me joy. The other dessert, the kiwi mango fruit tart was equally as delightful. Under the chopped fruit was a nice layer of custard in a diamond shaped crust. What a cutie.

The lovely chocolate caramel panna cotta shooters.
Mango kiwi fruit tarts.

Overall, I give four out of five stars. While I do not have any information on who actually catered the event, I was very much pleased. My only problem was that the “main course” appetizers weren’t as good as the smaller appetizers. That is just the way the world turns.

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