A Memoir on Bill Maher, the Comedy Star seen from Afar

By: Leah Lane

Kelly Wells, Sophie Kabel and me at the DGA reception.

Today was really incredible. We started off at ICM Partners where we met with Bryan Diperstein, a literary agent. I loved hearing everything he had to say about developing scripts and pitching to studios. As someone who wants to go into development and writing, seeing the process of a movie being made, from conception to the final result was fascinating. Additionally, throughout the trip, we have been given the advice to “work at an agency” and “start in the mailroom of an agency,” so to finally be able to see ICM and see someone successful who went through the ranks was really great. Bryan was so motivated and passionate about his work; it really inspired all of us to evaluate our own goals to make sure we are equally as driven. We also were able to meet with Shilo, who works with the interns at ICM. She was so encouraging and pushed us to apply for positions within the company.

After ICM we went to visit Real Time with Bill Maher where we met with Paul Casey, the director of the show. I was so excited to meet with Paul. I think that directing for comedy is so interesting. You need to have the skills of a director with the timing of a comedian. Even if Paul doesn’t consider himself to be a comedian, he certainly possesses the timing of one. While we only watched the rehearsal, I am interested to see how the jokes will evolve for tomorrow’s live taping.

Finally, we had the long-awaited alumni reception at the DGA. This was a really great way to reintroduce ourselves to the people we had already met, and to meet new faces as well. I am really excited to stay in touch with all of my new contacts!

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